Sunday, 15 July 2012

A weeks holiday ...

James and I have just spent a week away from Lois Jane celebrating Jess's 21st Birthday, this was after Lyn came to visit us at the marina and even managed to stay for a couple of days, although unfortunately it rained most of the time.  We did get to go out for a stroll down the canal and the following day a trip to Leicester to get the last minute bits and pieces for the 21st Birthday celebrations.

Fruit and Veg market at Leicester
We left Hinckley on Saturday and headed to Mums where we were staying for the weekend and then down to Jess in Winchester on Monday, where she would be arriving by train from Poole.  We were aiming to meet her at the station but wanted to stop off at her house to get some banners and balloons up before she arrived, we managed to do this and then get to the station just as her train pull up at the platform - what good timing.  Mum and Lyn arrived later in the afternoon, followed by Pam and Pete who had cut short their holiday in France to get there.  We all then strolled into Winchester to The Willow Tree where we had a Birthday dinner.

The Birthday Girl
Cake Anyone??
The Olympic torch was due to go through Winchester on Wednesday so James, Jess and I headed to the centre to watch it go through, it was so busy with people lining the streets hours before the torch was due, the atmosphere was good and it was all over in minutes as the man in white past us carrying the lit torch.

The Crowds had gathered
And finally the Torch
We headed back to Hinckley and Lois Jane on Friday, calling in to Mum on the way to collect the last of the packages we had ordered for delivery there including our two stools for the breakfast bar so we can finally use it properly now.  Richard, the engineer for the generator, had called James to say the part was in and tested and we arrangements were made for him to come and fit it on Saturday.

So Saturday came and so did Richard, he fitted the generator and now it was testing time again ... and yes it worked perfectly so it would definitely be a Sunday departure from the marina.  So I spent the rest of the day catching up with the washing.
Complete at last!!
Today (Sunday) it was a visit to Morrisons to stock up the depleted cupboards, lunch of fish and chips and then finally it was time to leave the marina, we arrived there on 12 June expecting to stay maybe up to a week and ended up being there for over a month!

We left later than planned and were heading for Marston Junction but as we were later leaving we decided to stop earlier and are only about a mile from the marina BUT we are back on the canal and it is a lovely sunny evening even if the tow path is like a mud bath.   

The Ebony and Ivory Duck Club Meeting on the Ashby

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