Tuesday, 25 December 2012

And now for something completely different...

Well Santa never came at midnight, in fact we stayed up in Pip's sun room well past midnight playing drinking games waiting :-) Could we have frightened him off with the noise? We did however have appearances from Scrooge at regular intervals trying to douse our party fire with his own style of extinguisher (I'll know what I mean when I read this back in years to come)

Of course Deb being only small appeared to cling on to the alcohol effects far longer than us better equipped lot and soon after 5 this morning was wanting me to text jess upstairs and ask if we could get up yet! (And I think its bucks fizz and eggnog for breakfast :-) 

Any way saw this lot on metro online yesterday and they made me laugh. 


Rover under estimated the competition at the blogging contest

Are you absolutely sure I can turn my head 300 degrees?

Has anyone seen my mum?

Auditions for 'kung fu panda return of the guinea pigs' went better than expected

I'm sure my Andrex contract mentioned full medical insurance in the case of an accident

No you're not coming down 'til you tell me where you buried my shoe!

Deb won the drinking competition :-) 

This looks like the cat that accepted us years ago, it was called cat

We have earl grey, chai, that lap sang one or chinchilla

As happy as a pig in ... A fluffy towel

Don't let it get to you this Christmas... Just chill 

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