Sunday, 16 December 2012

Deb wasn't too happy with me when she got home yesterday...

Apparently it was a year to the day that my DIY 'incident' occurred. We were getting ready for our big canal adventure as we would have been finalising negotiations and sorting out surveys about now. We had loads to do at home and my job of the day was to get the gas hob fitted so that it could be connected to the gas by the engineer. Not a difficult job but whilst contorted in the cupboard I managed to dissect an artery in my neck that led that night to a stroke.

So why the ticking off from Deb? Well yesterdays boat DIY job was to sand the gunwale to rubbing strip of LJ's port side. Initial sanding down had been done a couple of days ago with a coat of primer and some filler over the top but it was a bit of a slog sanding sixty feet by hand so I bought a cheap sander from Lidl. Much easier to get the job done but it needed me to keep the boat away from the towpath as the there was no gap for the sander. With both hands full the only way was to lean against it with my head. Ah well no damage done - hopefully ;)

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