Monday, 21 January 2013

Time to teach old dogs new tricks...

I have had a busy winter doing loads of jobs on both the inside and outside of LJ but there is one job that I have been saving for a few quiet winter days in front of the fire. Fender making. 

That's one big cotton reel

Just a light dusting of snow today, perfect for fender making

Apart from the narrow rubber side fenders we only have one rather tatty side fender that we have on a movable mount for mooring up. So the plan is to start with a couple of chunkier side fenders and if that goes well move on to some circular ones and possibly rebuild the tipcat and rear button fenders. It will be a challenge as my, usually pretty reliable grey matter just doesn't do too well with knots, not sure why (I know that by the time we are cruising again I will be standing at the bollards with a rope in my hand and a confused look on my face.


The east bit

Trying to keep 40ft of unwound rope from rewinding

For my first foray I chose traditional Manila rope. It looks great on the reel and was nice and cheap but byeck it is not too easy to work with. The fibres are quite loose and those loose bits are sharp, good job I had been forewarned by the guys I bought it from in Braunston to wear gloves. Never having made one before I made a little one from para cord to get the gist of it which made it much easier to transpose onto the rough stuff.

Attempt number one

I might even attempt fender No#2 listening to The drunken sailor on Beeb 2 tomorrow night. Now Ive just got one more pile of those loose fibres to sweep up, glad we have wooden floors!

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