Sunday, 6 January 2013

What's for dinner...

Whilst Deb has been out getting some shifts in, I've been doing some serious DIY but also providing Deb with a good old plate of grub when she gets back for a couple of hours break. Now Deb has said a couple of times recently that she doesn't know what to do for dinner as I spoil her with lots of nummy stuff. In my defence I was a chef for decade or so for my first career. So, two birds one stone, I thought I'd blog some of my recipes and number them as I went on throughout the year so if she says "what do you want for dinner" I can just say "how about a #3 with #52 for pud" simples :-)

Hopefully what the list will consist of will be a selection of tasty treats that have evolved around the thought process of; cheap to make, tasty, not too labour intensive, minimal equipment usage, not too much washing up, and being cooked offline where possible (cooking on the wood burner, BBQ, fire pit, in fact any way that means using less purchased fuel) oh and did I mention cheap - probably no more than £1 per portion, £1.50 or so for the meal, so don't expect ribs of beef or any fish more expensive than mackerel. Its not going to be too scientific, I won't include exact quantities. In fact you really only need to worry about precise weights and measures with bakery and patisserie goods. As seasons progress there may be regular foraging forays as well which will be included and  should get the store cupboard topped up with a few jams and chutneys.

If you like any of the recipes enough to roll up your sleeves and have a go I'd love to know about it. Send me a picture and I'll post it up :-)

Recipe one follows on the next post, I've kept the intro separate so I can try and label the recipes as a new tab on the blog.

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