Sunday, 12 May 2013



Yeah, we're finally on the move again and a real log this week.

Monday 6th May
Gayton Junction - Bugbrooke - 4 miles and 0 locks
We moved back to Bugbrooke to be near Heyford Fields Marina for Gary to check out our coolant leak tomorrrow.

Tuesday 7th May
Bugbrooke - Heyford Fields Marina - Bugbrooke - 1 Mile and 0 locks
Well Gary had done his stuff and only time would tell if our leak was fixed.

Wednesday 8th May
Bugbrooke - Stoke Bruerne - 6.5 miles, 0 locks and 1 tunnel
Yes one very long and wet tunnel, the third longest in Britain, as James has already posted.

Thursday 9th May
Stoke Bruerne - Cosgrove - 7 miles and 8 locks
Here starts the locks 8 down, 69 to go!!

Friday 10th May
Cosgrove - Milton Keynes near Bridge 92 - 10 miles and 0 locks
So glad I had the chicken stew on the go when we set off, it was great to stop and tuck into it straight away.

Saturday 11th May
Milton Keynes near Bridge 92 - Linslade - 7.5 miles, 5 locks and 1 swing bridge
The swing bridge goes right across the lock and appears to be just someones driveway.  
We were moored right by the Globe Inn, so it would have been rude not to go in, a pint and some chilli peanuts went down very well. 

Sunday 12th May 
Linslade - Seabrook near lock 35 - 7.25 miles and 8 locks
Timed this just right a few drops of rain at lock 34 but once moored up and tucking into a late lunch it turned heavier. We met wide beam hotel boat Tranquil Rose on their way to pick up some new guests.

So we're on the move albeit slightly quicker than we would normally do, as we are on a timescale to be in London now to coincide with Jess having time off work, we prefer to stick to our 3-4 hours per day and take more days to get there rather than longer cruises and less days. We'll have a leisurely trip back up to see all the places we are just passing through.

Cruising - 43.25 miles
Locks - 21
Tunnels - 1
Swing Bridge - 1

Cruising - 111 miles
Locks - 38
Tunnels - 3
Bridges - 1

Moored at Bugbrooke - again

Early morning start through the Stoke Bruerne Locks

Moored by the driveway to the Globe Inn

This hotel boat fits nicely in the broad lock

Back out in the countryside near Leighton Buzzard

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