Wednesday, 8 May 2013



Bit late with the log this week, but only a short one this time.

Monday 29th April
Had a walk up to Bugbrooke surgery for James to have his stitches out.

Wednesday 1st May
Bugbrooke - Gayton Junction - 3.5 miles 0 locks
As we had RCR coming to replace a hose in the coolant system we needed to top up on our domestic water so we were able to refill the coolant system, the nearest water tap was down at Gayton Junction so off we went. James got permission from CaRT for us to moor for a couple of days on their Long Term Permits Only moorings as there was really nowhere nearby suitable for RCR to get to us that was also near a road.

Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th
Stayed put at Gayton awaiting going up to Heyford Fields Marina so Gary could look at our leak, James and I made good use of the time we were stuck. I finished polishing LJ and painting one of the top boxes and James finished off making the circular fenders, which look fantastic.

Also on Saturday we managed to make it to the Greyhound, must be something about the name as it was another great pub with friendly attentive staff and good food.

Cruising - 3.5 miles
Locks - 0
Tunnels - 0 

Cruising - 67.75 miles
Locks - 17 
Tunnels - 2

Our mooring at Gayton

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