Sunday, 23 February 2014

Edgbaston and Back

Sunday 16th February
3.6 miles

Last Sunday was a lovely sunny day with little wind, we needed to top up the water and we had arranged with one of our fellow Cambrian winter moorers to leave our path sided mooring position and go onto one of the pontoons so he could take our space. The pontoons are short and he wanted to touch up his blacking, our spot was ideal for this and James had finished doing ours.

We decided to take another small trip out to remind us what this boating lark is all about. We moved across to the water point, topped up and got rid of the rubbish etc, etc. Then off back past Gas Street and onto the Worcester and Birmingham the short distance to Edgbaston, then back again. Not far, but enough to see a bit of greenery and remind ourselves how great it all is.

Passing by the entrance to the ICC

Lots of people about today

Getting out of the city 

Looking back through Edgbaston Tunnel

Only one and a half miles from Cambrian but feels like we're out in the country

Looks like the winds have been stronger than I thought

Heading back to Birmingham City
Once back at Cambrian Wharf James reversed LJ onto the pontoon opposite the winding hole, it's nice to have a change of scenery and we have a great view out the front for another couple of weeks.

So we now have the grand total of 6.6 miles on the 2014 clock.

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