Thursday, 13 February 2014

You Do Get Some Funny Old Days Being A Boater...

The day before yesterday I was sat in the awesome library in Birmingham writing part one of a blog (this isn't pt2 by the way only a petit pause). I was in one of the large study areas, tables pushed together giving quiet (ish) work spaces for thirty or so people. 

I made everyone jump. A loud snort and a sharp FAHHH. I was glad I had had a pee before starting setting up the laptop. It was Peter's fault. Peter and Heather are our fantastic winter neighbours.  Peter had posted on his Facebook wall that he thought "we're being haunted by David Essex, he's in a play at the Birmingham Rep and wanders past the boat most days eating lunch, even in the snow". 

This is why I snorted. Let's just say that Deb was a bit of a fan when she was a teenager and David's was the only poster allowed to adorn her bedroom wall. Deb had pointed this guy out to me who was walking past every lunchtime saying she recognised him but didn't know what boat he was off. She had even tried to say hello when she was over at the water point and said he was a miserable old git. And the penny had finally dropped that the miserable old git was David Essex!!

So yesterday Deb decided that she would say hi if he passed by again today as it would be her last opportunity (she is working Friday and Saturday and Dave is off up north on his tour).

FFwd to today, a dry morning see's us touching up the blacking and chopping a barrel load of wood into kindling before heading down to the markets to get a few bits in for dinner. Fellow boaters/bloggers Emma and Nick (from Marpessa2) are popping over for a bite to eat later which we've been looking forward to. There are a couple of bits I need to forage (well nick from the library's herb garden, and my bay supply in Gas Street) so leave Deb to go back to LJ for her stalking. Ok we agreed not stalking but ambushing. 

This is where it turned into a 'funny old day'. Got back to LJ with pockets full of herbs and there is only DAVID BLOOMIN ESSEX sat in my chair drinking coffee. And if that wasn't unusual enough he insisted in staying in character (eastern/central European we think)  throughout. Most entertaining, we think we all agreed to meet up in a week or so ☺

Deb and her new friend Dave

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  1. David Essex ?????? lol , so funny. Its ok I won't tell Deb