Monday, 2 June 2014

Chester to Ellesmere Port

Friday 30th May

After nearly a week in Chester we decided to move on to visit the museum at Ellesmere Port and the end of the Shropshire Union Canal. After passing by the City Walls we came across the Northgate Staircase locks, cut out of the stone these three staircase locks are very deep, I was glad I was up at the top!!

City Wall on the left

Top lock of the staircase

Middle staircase lock

This is James' view

James' view in the bottom lock
We had a peaceful journey through some lovely countryside before the M53 went over us followed shortly by the M56 and then the M53 was alongside for the last couple of miles to Ellesmere Port. We passed by a huge sewerage works (the signs said water treatment works) but obviously the wind was blowing in the wrong direction.

Soon we were outside the museum and the two locks to take us down into the basin, we had only passed one boat all the way and they knew of us - as we passed by they asked if we knew Marpessa, which of course we do Nick and Emma, turns out they were the previous owners - small world.

Moored outside the Holiday Inn in Ellesmere Port
Chester - we will be back, we're not going on the Manchester Shipping Canal!!

9 miles and 5 locks
Total 212.75 miles and 137 locks

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