Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Ellesmere Port to Chester

On Saturday we paid the museum at Ellesmere Port a visit, so across the bridge and up the steps and we were there. We had a look around all the historic wooden boats, it was sad to see them in such a state it seemed more water was going in than they were able to pump out, but hopefully one day they will be restored. I was surprised at the lack of people wandering around, we only saw three or four couples other couples.

Saturday night saw us walking into the town of Ellesmere Port, over the railway bridge and it had a very desolate feel about it, many places boarded up or obviously closed down, as we walked further it became a little better, we were hoping to stumble across a fish and chip shop and find a nice park to sit in. But we came across a Wetherspoons instead, it wasn't one of their usual ones, I find they are normally in nice buildings in the town but this one wasn't. once inside it was ok though. On the tables they had a 'Specials Menu', I thought it was a wind up at first, 8oz Sirlion steak and chips for £3,99 or £2.99 for curry and rice. We were going to have the usual burger and a drink, but at those prices I went for the steak and James the curry and lovely it was too, the steak cooked just right.

Sunday we were off, heading back to Chester. Up the two narrow locks out of the basin and then along past the stretches of motorway before out in the countryside for a few miles before getting back into Chester, where this time we moored up in Telford Basin.

Leaving Ellesmere Port

Opposite Taylors Boatyard

8.5 miles and 2 locks
Total 221.25 miles and 139 locks

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