Monday, 7 September 2020

Final Trip For Us And Lois Jane (hopefully)

 Day Three

The last night's tree (branch) was cleared within a few hours and we we're able to make an earlyish start to Day 3 through Newbold, Rugby, Ansty and on to Braunston.

We needed to stop at Midland Chandlers for a few bits most importantly a tiller tube for Ernest. We'd planned on a stop today to get some polishing done if we could find somewhere not too busy. In the marina we spied a purchase we'd been meaning to get for a while some Polytrol oil which was meant to be the dogs danglies in the colour restorer and polishing world. The loose plan was Norton junction but its not may favourite stopover at the top of Buckby locks. Next to a dusty track and there's usually confusion as to who's moored and who's waiting for the locks.

It was a cracking day for cruising after the previous days storms and surprisingly it was quite quiet. Plenty of space in Braunston, no boat to share with on the Braunston flight and only one boat passed in the tunnel (our first and last on LJ) here's the blog from the first (Tunnel 1)

I don't know why but we've never stopped at the eastern end of Braunston tunnel and there's loads of space to moor and on a warm day the shade was welcome, so that's where we stopped for the evening and some serious polishing.

We passed a well named boat if Heidi the pirate ever changes from the Rum Wench (or is it Stiff Ripples now), and passed Chris and Karen's last boat Cardinal with it's JP3 in an engine room that Chris still misses

Rigg and Furrow fields from the Middle Ages

De-leafing the cabin top after the storms

Grumpy because hes not allowed to walk on the solar panels

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