Monday, 7 September 2020

Final Trip For Us And Lois Jane (hopefully)

 Day Two

After a cracking day one neither of us we're looking forward to day two. The forecast was heavy rain from 6am with a chance of mere showers by noon but winds gusting 50mph by soon after that. 

We delayed our start from close to the pump house at Sutton's Stop (Wiki) until mid morning but the rain was driving as I turned from the Cov to the Oxford (yes of course in one!) and through the stop to one of the fairly uninspiring stretches of canal through Ansty via some really dodgy moored boats and dangerous non maintenance from the navigation authority.

By lunchtime it was warmer, dryer and windier and the gusts were getting stronger. 

We stopped for a bite to eat from our meagre rations in All Oaks Wood before heading off and battling the winds. There's no reason why we couldn't make the top of Hillmorton and have a reasonably early stop over today...

Reported to CRT, I'm keeping a log of reports now and asking for follow-ups. I may even record it as another blog or page the NB Ernest blog 

Should be a quick fix

Temporary floating footpath for a landslip

Dudley catching up after a busy day yesterday

Lime Farm's new hoist

Wind stops play

Inside the Newbold arm

...Unless there's a tree down blocking the cut. Well it was more of a big branch rather than a tree but it was right across the cut by Armarder Boat Hire base and with nothing bigger than a bread knife aboard we'd have to sit it out with a dozen or so others. 

Luckily it ha already been reported and it was cleared by CRT contractors just as it got dark so we'd only lost half a day due to that and poor weather.

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