Tuesday, 15 May 2012


...my bag and organised what I needed. In minutes it was all over. I chose a different route leaving the woods to cover my tracks. It was no more than a mile back to LJ where crew was waiting. As I came into view crew could see that my expedition had come good and hanging from my nylon cord was a plentiful supply of seasoned wood for the cobb bbq... 

Where's me wabbit then?

Well how else was I gona cook the vegi stir fry?

Now the problem so far with our cobb bbq, which is really designed for burning charcoal, is that it needs a lot of wood burned down to embers so that it stays hot without being smokey. The last attempt gave pizza tasting like a mixture of engineers grease (I thought Deb had cleaned the new griddle and vice versa) and acrid damp wood smoke. Didn't stop us eating it as it was late and we were famished. This time the fire was good and big so there should be lots of embers. Unfortunately the required heat didn't last for long and the wok made a quick exit to the galley. Deb had made some welsh cakes that would be perfect on the griddle, and the temperature was about right. They cooked really well, nice and evenly brown on both sides and light and fluffy, unfortunately they still had the acrid smokey taste so the next batch were also cooked inside. I wont let it beat me! there must be a way of getting it right.

I had also bought a couple of small roundels of beech branch in to consider using as bases for one of my mini gem trees. The little pull saw cuts them so neatly that they don't even need sanding. Unfortunately some critters had thought that they would make good homes for themselves as well. A tell tale sign the next day of a neat round hole and gritty saw dust on the shelf sent shivers down my spine. Woodworm and a wooden fitted boat is not a great combination. We are being extra vigilant but I suspect that the age of the wood and the fact that it is oak, iroko or other hard woods will turn the worm away.  

A nice quiet day inside today, keeping clear of the hail showers, oh and fitting a new water filter below decks. 

That hail is gona be hurting someone's face.. oh yes..


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