Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Drought or Flood?...

I'm confused, watched the news last night with reports of flooding and rivers bursting their banks - yet we have lock restrictions and hose pipe bans!!  Driest winter since records began and wettest April this century.  First I thought 'Oh no, just the year we decide to take to the canal there will be no water and we're not going to be able to move anywhere' - now my concerns are 'I hope we're not going to get swept away with the floods'!!

James and I have had a bit of a lazy day - well James has, but he was up most of the night with chronic indigestion.  We woke at 7:30am this morning to hear the wind generator doing overtime and the rain beating down - so it was a case of turning over and going back to sleep, a luxury which is now becoming normal.  When we finally decided to get up we had brunch instead of breakfast but a sausage and egg sandwich was washed down with 'a nice cup of tea'.  After doing my 'housework' I then got to work staining the second roof box which James had made, it was my turn to have the lounge area of the boat as a workshop as the rain was still pouring down.  James, however, found room for the chair in front of the television to play on the Playstation, which we had managed to find room for.  I stopped for an extended tea break and a read of my book, then got back to finishing the box.  Meanwhile James lit the stove and started preparing the dinner which was beef stew and dumplings - yum, one of my favorites.  

With the boxes finished and the stew not quite ready we decided, as the rain and wind had stopped to get a bit of fresh air and get rid of the rubbish - not just an open of the front door and maybe five steps to the bin - oh no - it consists of a half mile hike along the muddy towpaths to the bins.  So that done and back into the warm it was a dive into the stew washed down with a bit of red wine and to follow (which I forgot to mention earlier) with cinnamon whirl chocolate pudding with cream.

So not much going on today - but lots of eating!!  Just looked at the forecast for tomorrow - all seems a bit better so the roof boxes should be fitted into place.

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