Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sun at Last...

But how long for??  We woke this morning with the sun streaming through the gaps in the back hatch and that's all it took for us to jump out of bed early and enjoy a walk along the canal without getting blown away or drenched.

Yesterday afternoon we decided to move LJ further down the canal, we didn't go far only about a mile, once away I took control of the tiller - I think James was quite apprehensive, once I got a step (well it is a bit of wood waiting to be chopped up for firewood, which is now saved as it makes an ideal step for short little me) I could see easier and managed to keep in a straight line and not 'pin ball' down the canal, I even managed a bridge - although James spoilt it and said it's probably the widest one we have been through!!  Anyway we are now moored up just before a winding hole and opposite some permanent moorings with lovely gardens and veg plots.

On our walk this morning we passed walkie man, who is a little further down the canal, he is getting ready to move on probably to Warwick he said.  This section of the canal is very rural with stunning views across to Rugby in the distance and the canal meanders through the lovely yellow and green fields with hawthorn hedgerows just breaking into blossom.  All in all a really nice early morning walk.

Back to the boat and lovely eggs on toast for brekkie, with the free-range eggs that walkie man kindly gave us a couple of days ago.  Well it has now clouded over so the sun didn't last long - just glad we made the most of it when it was out.  What's in store for the rest of the day??  James wants to go back to Whilton as he has managed to source some technical gadget to keep an eye on the battery usage and charging etc..  Again far too technical for me!!


  1. congrats getting through bridge! Are you still on Oxford Casnal? pip

  2. We were - now about between Braunston and Rugby