Thursday, 2 August 2012

Back to Polesworth for my monthly check-up...

We decided to leave ourselves a good bit of time to get from LJ to Polesworth for my check-up. Misjudged it slightly as we covered the couple of miles along the footpath and had arrived in the village in just over ten minutes. Never mind, time for a look around and let the blood pressure settle.

It really is quite a nice village. It should never get any bigger as Tamworth is only about four miles away. Most villages that I have seen recently are property rich and facility poor. Not Polesworth though. There is quite a bustling little highstreet with only a spar and co-op provided from the corporate crowd. Post office/diy store, pub, small butcher and a flower/veg shop - even a small (and very friendly cafe). Any bigger and it would have a super market and another housing estate and be regraded as a town. It has got some history as well with old Egbert building another nunnery (think he had a bit of a thing about nuns) in the 9th century with the site of the old gateway still there!

Originally just a wall with a pedestrian arch, rebuilt 13th C to gateway

'Modern' extension to the side is from the 1500's 

Between us and Polesworth is another colliery spoil heap nestled quietly between the canal, the M42 flyover and the railway. Its not a small one this one and it was a bit of a hike to get to the top. It also looked quite a struggle for the silver birch tree's to stay put as well - not much in the way of top soil.

Far reaching views from the man made mountain
The M42 and Polesworth in the distance
To celebrate their achievements an obelisk looking like it was manufactured out of matches adorns the summit.

Not matches though 

Although it looks like a pile of matches sticking out of a spoil heap. It is in fact made out of metal.

Tower of tin

A local canal association 'The Neighbours of Nuneaton' collected approximately 2.5 million Tennents Super cans from canal verges between 18th April 2012 and 18th April 2012 at teatime, to facilitate the construction.

Tomorrow onto Tamworth... and Deb Googles how to cut curly hair.

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