Friday, 17 August 2012

How the hell did they manage that?...

Well don't really know how they made it but it was mum and dad's 50th Wedding anniversary last Saturday.

As the joke goes..
Ahh how long have you been happily married for?

20 years... Yup we have just celebrated our 50th anniversary!

Taken a couple of years back!

They have decided to spend a bit of time celebrating with a cities tour of Italy which sounds fab, but to kick it all off we met at a mutually convenient point in the Wye valley. They are on the west coast of Wales, Sis near Cardiff and us... well not too far from Birmingham at the moment, aiming to get city centre when Jess is free for a visit for our 'Bull Ring and Balti triangle Binge'.

Mum and Dad chose a great little guest house in the Wye Valley, quite unusual really insofar as the owners had separate place next door to the guest house. They have had the builders in doing some work, but the place was spotless. We were the only guests there so had the run of the place. They even invited us to have our evening meal in their own sprawling conservatory! Lovely!

Mum waiting for the pub

Us all ... at the pub, a few hours later

It was quite an experience not having to rush around getting prezzies ready, we started buying in Tamworth the week before! I even had the time and just about enough equipment to make a cake!

Deb made Jess's 21st so my turn this month

Anyway, congratulations both ;)


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  1. wow that cake looks fantastic. Congratulations to your Mum and Dad on their golden wedding.