Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Life with no lights ...

We had decided to move to a new location to do the battery maintenance and had ear-marked a nice place only a mile or so from where we were, and as it was only a short distance and we hadn't moved for a while we decided to have an evening cruise as there were a couple of convenient winding holes, that would also mean our side hatch would be on the canal side too which is always nicer and with the weather forecast to be nice it's always good to have this open. So off we went along a residential section of the canal with lots of very well maintained and pretty gardens going right down to the canal, we successfully turned at the winding hole unfortunately disturbing a young lad fishing and got back to the spot we had sussed out only to find it was too shallow to get to the edge .. so that's why one-one was moored here!! We had to go further down and then were shaded by trees so it turned into an overnight stop and we headed off the next day for Fazeley.

We went down through three locks and passed Tamworth Cruising Club, who were having a bit of a do, over the aquaduct and then stopped in a straight open section just before Fazeley. This was the spot for the battery maintenance to be carried out. This is no easy task - we have a bank of five domestic and one engine starter each weighing about 25kg each, but James and I make a good team and one by one out they came. The starter one had to come out this time as the compartment where they live had to be scraped and painted. With the batteries all on deck James set about checking water levels and topping up where necessary, I had the delightful task of scraping, rust treating and painting the housing to match the bilges. As we had to wait overnight for the paint to dry this meant no power whatsoever! As it got dark I suggested an early night but we ended up reading our books with head torches instead!

Empty battery compartment in need of some attention

Batteries ready for checking

Next day, after a little shower the paint was dry and ready for the batteries to be put back in place, putting them back isn't the problem it's re-connecting all the wires and tidying them up that takes the time, but all done ready for the next check in two months! We had a day to pick up the Bongo and get organised before Mum and Jess came for a visit.

Birmingham and Fazeley Canal 
Jess, as usual bought the lovely weather with her, it was warm and sunny with a slight breeze, we had planned a little cruise with them and the weather was perfect so it was finished off with a BBQ. The next day we had a wander into Tamworth, it was under a mile from where we moored and a pleasant stroll along the river, we had a nice relax in the castle gardens with an ice cream, then back to Lois Jane for a late lunch before Mum and Jess headed back home.

Ice Cream time

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  1. its good to see the sun is shining. Heres hoping it lasts a good while now. Most of our packing is now done and soon we shall be on our way to the UK. We are quite lucky as we both have 30k allowance for the flight with Emerites.

    Mind you I dont know where it will all go, it will take some getting used to having very little storage space! We keep trying to remember what space there was on the boat, not a lot I know ! we have new signs , cushions for the bow, sun-umbrella or rain as will probably be the case, some utensils for the galley and loads more stuff that we will not need........

    Its 2am now 28c outside and I cannot sleep too much on my mind. Pleased to have read your blog, its always an interesting read.