Friday, 8 March 2013

Well if yesterday was damp and drizzley...

Well if yesterday was damp and drizzley...

Today we are living in a cloud. The camera didn't come out yesterday for our return trip from Coventry basin. We waited for the rain to change to drizzle before upping pins and moving over to the pump-out. 

Unfortunately despite the pump running it soon became obvious there was a blockage. I called a very apologetic C&RT who said that there was slim chance of getting an engineer there today but insisted they track us down to replace our payment card. 'No need' I said, 'we will be passing your Braunston office soon so I will pop in'. Now I'm all for good customer service but they insisted that their two operatives tracked us down and refunded us the same day. The rest of cruise was uneventful but it could be a really nice approach to Coventry if there was a little (lot) less rubbish. I don't think canal or towpath users are to blame either, the piles of rubbish emanate from the banks by road bridges and directly below the windows of flats. Not just bin waste either but washing machines, pushchairs and children's toys. In fact the cleanest parts are through the industrial estates.  

So whilst the fog has lingered all day today I have been nursing my man-flu in front of the fire with a Wilbur Smith book. Yes I am a bit better today, thanks for asking :-) I am not sure if there is a female version of this gender specific aliment but research indicates that if I get more than three consecutive symptoms I may well be the subject of medical journals! Of course when Deb had her version she had the distraction of working all day so it wasn't so bad (brave ain't I)

Swan and fisherman in the mist. 

I had 39 answers to my last post asking what to do when boaters are in a hurry behind me. You are all quite safe I won't be jousting you off with my pole, but waiting for a safe place to pull in and let you past. 

Tomorrow we plod on towards Rugby (where i will be spending the afternoon watching the rugby) where we have booked our four yearly boat safety scheme test and hope to stay for a few days to make use of the shops on the industrial estate by the visitor moorings. It will be the first time in eleven months that we won't have to worry about walking/cycling back to pick up the van. 

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  1. Hi James and Debbie,
    Sorry we didn't get chance to say hello at Coventry. Will be on the lookout for Lois Jane as we come down the North Oxford.