Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Well that's a bit more like it...

Well that's a bit more like it...

I think my natural default is 'early to bed, early to rise'. I was awake at six again today but it was much milder than yesterday morning. I listened to an hour of music on my phone before leaving Deb to her rhythmic rumble and getting up to fire up the stove. 

One of the last tracks on my random compilation was Sheep by pink Floyd. It is a pretty random song itself chastising sheep for their lack of fulfilment in life and then warning of the potential dangers or predation in rural life. It did take me back to my early teens in the '80s though. 

I had thought that the track was wringing in my ears when I turned off the music player, but it was the field opposite our mooring with a herd of woolly backs bleating in the morning sun. Whilst out getting some coal I bid them good morning and offered felicitations for their inspiration for the song. Although I should imagine that the subtext was a demonstration against the conformity of the populous to follow the herd and bumble through life towards old age (ohh look at him, gone all Freudian!)

Nice sunny morning

Don't be a sheep

The stove picked up quickly so time for a coffee pot treat and some toast with phili and chilly, a phrase coined by Jess, my spicy chilly jam topped with cream cheese... Bloomin yum :-) I even had enough juice in my DAB radio batteries to listen to a bit of Chris Evans on Beeb 2. First news(ish) story is that women need more sleep than men and that's why they are grumpy gits  in the morning... that explains it then. I tiptoe round the boat and leave Deb to her rhythmic rumble, not for long though, she woke up and smelt the coffee (no not a Freudian slip)

Stove lit, coffee pot on and a full DAB signal. 

Chris then went on to play two of my favorite childhood tracks from the same era. Iron Maiden's '666 the number of the beast' and 'run to the hills'. I've not heard them for close on thirty years but could remember them word for word including key and tempo changes. Funny old thing the brain. The tracks were well received by the listeners, not sure Sir Terry would have approved, its not very radio two is it. 

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