Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It's summer somewhere...

But not here. We new the wind and rain was coming but it hasn't stopped all day. More time inside means more power and electric generation and therefore more diesel that we really shouldn't be using this late in the year. 

I did as much to the top boxes as I expected (ie nothing - it will have to wait for the weather to get better). Most of the rest of my day was spent trying to suss out the wind gen. I couldn't understand how the batteries were getting so flat over night with little electricity being used. So the first thing to do as it was a windy night was to leave the wind gen going over night. The downside being it is horrendously noisy (think bike helmet with an electric blender strapped to it and you won't be too far off) so very little sleep was had.

The batteries were still low this morning so a little investigation was needed. After a quick strip down and re-wire it appears that some charge is getting through to both engine and domestic batteries but I still suspect that the domestic set are just about dead. I will still need to strip the wind gen when I get a mo. Deb had a relaxing morning and a busy day baking (cinnamon swirls tomorrow)

Hopefully tomorrow's weather will be a little kinder and I can get some work done. In the mean time a quick introduction to some of our new neighbours and a photo showing that we do get some clear skies!

proud parents

Venus over new moon

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