Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thought I'd better take my turn...

In writing!  James and I got up fairly early this morning having spent the night with the wind generator going, it is certainly working overtime at the moment, but I gather not putting an awful amount into the batteries (I'm not at all technical with all these amps, volts, etc).  We started the day with a nice cup of coffee and a cinnamon whirl, not particularly healthy, but very nice - even if I say so myself.  Then it was on to the jobs for the day, James with the top boxes and I decided that the roof needed clearing and cleaning before the boxes are fitted.  So it was a hike back to the Bongo to collect the remaining wood that we purchased at B&Q and then a trek back to LJ.  With the weather looking like rain at any time James set up the lounge area as a workshop so 'rain didn't stop "play"'.

Meanwhile, I cleared the roof of everything, starting with the piles of logs, these were stowed away at the front under the seats so a little protected from the rain, off came the poles and the trailer box and all stored temporarily at the front.  I started with sweeping all the bits from the roof before getting to work scrubbing it down with car shampoo, during this time lots of boats passed by and I lost count of the number of people who said "you can do mine when you've finished".  No one boat is definitely more than enough!!  After a quick lunch break it was back to work, I was really hoping it would rain to aid the rinsing down, otherwise I wasn't quite sure how it would be done.  I had just about finished the scrubbing down and cleaning the gutters when the dark clouds came over and I couldn't have timed it better, it absolutely poured down.  So there I was in the pouring rain, brush in hand rinsing the roof - sad thing is I was really enjoying myself!!  Just the polishing to do now.

James was getting on really well, good job he had his 'workshop'.  One box is nearly finished but they will need to be varnished first before going onto the roof.  While James was finishing off and clearing up I got dinner ready - Lasagna tonight.  After dinner we had a stroll up the canal as I had spotted Sarah-Louise going by in the afternoon and the lock flight closes at 2:30pm so knew she couldn't go far!  I was very interested in seeing her again, after all (as James as already mentioned), that is the boat that led us to getting Lois Jane and being where we are today.

Well tomorrow I think will be pretty much the same - James doing the boxes and me carrying on the cleaning of the outside, it really does need it and the result from today has inspired me to do the rest.  I think the weather is forecast to be the same as well, windy, sunny and showers - let's hope the showers are at just the right time again, surely I can't be that lucky.

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