Friday, 13 April 2012

A lay-in at last...

I really can't remember how long it has been since I had a lay-in (or is it lie-in?) several years at least; probably closer to a decade! Managed 9.30 today!

Luckily only a few jobs for today. Get the washing machine in, plumbed and working. Go to Daventry with the bikes and trailer to get some shopping. Still got to split some logs tomorrow but we are quite happy with what we have done.

Getting the washing machine through the bow doors and under the worktop was easier than I was expecting but by this time the clouds were parting and the day warming up nicely so we brought forward the shopping trip by a few hours and left all the tidying and checking the washing machine until later in the day.

We tried our first shopping trip with the bikes and trailer as the bongo is now on borrowed time (note tomorrows log pile). The trailer worked really well but unfortunately my legs didn't. It was hard enough work with the thing empty but by the time we had been to Aldi and filled the top-box up my legs were burning; even pushing up hill was hard work. Hopefully as we get fitter it will all be easier but at the moment I can't imagine shopping trips on cold wet winter days (I think Ocado deliver to marinas) 

It was a nice afternoon out though, and the rolling fields either side of the pretty little village of Norton were a treat. It looks like a village with lots of history having more than a couple of large manor houses set in sprawling parkland. They have a village open day on Sunday so we may go back to have a closer look.

Luckily the trip back from Daventry was more down hill than up so we made fairly good time and got straight back to the washing machine which pleasingly all works as it should. 

Whilst Deb was busy putting everything neatly back in cupboards, I sparked up the cobb BBQ to cook some pizzas we had bought (intended to make them fresh but time was going fast). The cobb was fuelled today on a mere three lumps of charcoal and some pieces of chopped up branch picked up from yesterdays walk.

Very still here on the marina this evening, but as the sun dipped down you could really feel the temperature drop.

Two days to go until we cut the umbilical cord of the marina!

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