Sunday, 15 April 2012

Last day with leccy...

We have promised Ray that we will be off the marina by early Monday (not too early though as the locks won't be open until 10!) so today was mainly spent relaxing in the morning getting the last few jobs done (and making use for the last time of our electric fan heater). 

It has been another blowy day here, enough to give the wind generator a good try out as it will get a lot of use from now on. They don't generate that much power but every little will help, if it is going all day and only gives me an hour of TV I will be happy.

No reply from a company that I emailed yesterday asking for a quote for fitting solar panels so I will give them a call when I can. Hopefully as soon as we have sorted solar charging we will be closer to self sufficient with out too much engine power generation; even with the 80/20 split (red diesel/white diesel) we bought the diesel at it will still put us over budget until we are part sun powered.

Deb made the most of the provided water on site to clean the Bongo ready for sale and I, in a bit of role reversal made some shortbread biscuits to go with a cuppa later (well in about five minutes time actually! doesn't time fly)

We will be heading towards Norton junction through our first flight of locks so I am glad the wind is forecast to drop overnight and I think it will be the driest day of the week. With falling wind and clear sky the temperature is dropping quickly tonight and its forecast to be as low as -5 during the night!

In readiness for leaving tomorrow we have moved the van up to where we intend to moor tomorrow so we can make our way early doors on Tuesday to meet up with mum and dad and on to the funeral in London. Luckily near the Bongo's parking spot was a very nice little canal side pub where we relaxed for an hour over a Sunday afternoon pint and the papers before a nice stroll back to Lois Jane (LJ)

Now time for that cuppa and my biccies.

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